Dave works as a professional cartoonist, which in his words means that he dosnt have any other job to go to apart from drawing funny pictures and gets paid for it.

He hasn’t always been a cartoonist. He started his cartooning career, like most cartoonists as that little kid sitting in the back of the classroom drawing the teachers on the side of his page. He remembers always being in trouble for it. Growing up in a small country town in Tasmania, probably lead him to believe that he couldn’t have a career just drawing silly pictures. He thought at this stage that the only people that did earn money with their work were those famous people overseas at Disneyland or people that lived in communes. So he pursued a general working career in many different fields. He once wrote out a list of all the jobs and skills he had attained prior to becoming a cartoonist and managed to fill a foolscap page and a half. Six years in the army, ambulance driver, medic, health inspector, factory worker, cleaner, office worker etc. His last job was as an
administrator. As you can see a wealth of life-time experiences. In January 2004 he decided to open a small business called Familiar Faces inBallarat, drawing cartoons, caricatures and teaching cartooning. Dave says that it feels like one bigcircle finally getting back to drawing funny pictures.